Monday, December 18, 2006

You know, i always loved it when it rained throughout the night, but for this particular rainy night, i am dreading it cos i have just caught the idiotic flu bug and my nose is running like a tap. Heh. But i am still in good spirits... :)

Today, my family and another family came together for supper, and we touched on the topic of service, and suing... Things like that. I will write out the case situation for you.

Case 1: A man sues Macs because he claimed that Macs was the problem behind his weight issue.

My Feelings : How ridiculous can this guy get? And you know what is worse? This man won the lawsuit against Macs. I was shocked at the verdict because the main fault truly lies with this man who doesn't wanna take responsibility over his OWN body! Ridiculous!

Case 2: Do you know why Mac puts the sign HOT all over it's tea and coffee cups? Because they were sued a few times as the customers had claimed that they were not told that TEA and COFFEE were HOT!

My Feelings : Anyone who doesn't know that TEA and COFFEE is best served HOT say "I"....... Gosh, i was flabbergasted when i heard about this case. I guess this case serves to act as a comfort for me when i act foolish. Haha. It lets me know that there are more foolish people in this world than me. HEH. Ridiculous!

Case 3: A Prisoner in Jail sues the Prison for not giving information that barb wires are sharp. He came upon the reality that barb wires were sharp when he tried to escape. The most horrifying thing was that he won the lawsuit. Can you believe that!?

My Feelings : Ridiculous can...

Apparently, all the cases i raised today came from America. I am not sure how true these cases really are, but felt the urge to blog it out. Hee.

I think the chorophiramin tablet i took for my flu is running through my bloodstream and taking its effect.... It's amazing how one small, tiny tablet can cause a big human being like me to be knocked out..... ZZzzzzZZZZzzzZZzzzZZZZz

God bless you, the one reading this post! He loves ya so...

limmy, out.

8:23 AM

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